Title: Star Striker

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Star Striker is an... interesting take on the shoot-'em-genre. There's no power ups, your ship fires a broad forward shot (space) and homing missiles when there's something to target. You don't have a conventional number of lives, either, with a scorededuction for dying followed by immediate respawn. The game itself is very... busy, enemies come in fast, the screen is relatively small (and for some reason, you can't use the very top of it) and there's not really an offscreen area to the side. Although not quite as busy as say, a bullet hell shooter, it use just about every symbol and color for enemy shots, that can make them rather hard to track amongst all the action. This game appears to have some graphical issues, particularly with the background, in Anex86, so you might want to run it using T98-Next. This game was featured on a Takeru compilation CD for doujin games.