Title: Shuten Doji

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Adult Content:
One of Square-Enix's (just ENIX at that time) earlier RPGs, this one is based on a manga of the same title by Go Nagai. It appears to center around a young boy (presumably the baby in the intro) who has ESP. Viewing window is pretty small, but given the release date, the graphics are relatively good. You get out of bed (fully dressed) go down stairs, talk to your > parents, and eventually end of rescuing a girl from would-be rapists on the way to school. Combat is turn-based and simple, and your movement in the overworld is kind of cumbersome (It's easy to get stuck on objects, and sometimes entering a door causes a perspective flip.) Arrow keys move you about, Enter selects, and Space brings up a menu of actions on the overworld, the first of which is "Talk"