Title: Sakusaku Daigoutou Returns

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Game Type:

Action RPG

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
Whenever someone in the US complains about how violent and graphic video games in the US are I just shake my head. This little gem involves you playing a hammer wielding barbarian who can wantonly murder just about the entire town from old men to children without affecting the game play, and rapes female characters to refill his health. It's really a blast to play, the only controls are the arrow keys to move, space to pull out the hammers, and escape to summon the inventory menu. After that, just hammer everything still it collapses into a bloody heap or you have sex with it. I suppose there's a story, but really, who cares? IT'S HAMMERIN' TIME. The game automatically continues from the main screen where you left off, so you might need to chose the 3rd option (Clear SaveData) before beginning play.