Version History


Version 1.2

New features:

* DD6 and DDB support (BKDSK) 
* DIP support (loading only) 

Bug fixes:
* Fixed harmless bug where the parser complained about the media byte in FDIs even when it was correct
* Header Copy option for comments, was broken for FDI files in previous versions, now functional
* The correct extension should be provided when saving BKDSK files

Version 1.1

New features:

* HDI, NHD, SLH and THD support is now in (Hard disk image support)
* HDB and HD5 support (BKDSK) in.  Need to turn off "Allow Padding" to save properly with HDB
* Drag'n'Drop functionality, as well as batch saving options

Bug fixes:

* FDD not properly deselecting for overtracked images previously (v1.0)
* Fixed some D88 files being improperly identified as FDI
* HeaderLog space added after format type to make more readible         

Version 1.0

Initial Release

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