Future Features / WIP


UI/User Changes:

FAT integration into Raw Sector Viewer, so you can see what file (if any) is being viewed

An automatic repair feature for common/obvious errors might be desirable.

Raw Sector Browser should be able to browse Special Read Sectors and other emulation data.

Additional File Formats: (High Priority)

D88 is very commonly used and should be supported for Saving as well.

DIM files are commonly used by X68000 emulators, and save support should be added.

Additional File Formats: (Low Priority)

DIP Unknown file format with a 256 byte header. Very rarely seen in the wild.

FIM/FIX Generated by Westside's Wizard98 software, not natively supported by any emulators.

Mahalito is an early dumping format already convertable by VFIC, and not natively supported by emulators.

TFD was superceded by NFD, and already is convertable by VFIC.

VFL is a compressed, multidisk format. Not supported by VFIC or any emulators.

VFD is known only from its support in VFIC.

FAT Parsing

FAT12 - FAT12 support is complex, and already handled well by existing utilities. Low priority.

FAT8 - Additional import/editing options would be desirable for hacks. FAT8 extraction not tested on 1D (160 KB) disks due to lack of valid samples.

X68000 - Some X68000 disks appear to contain a non-standard FAT12 format, that nonetheless could probably be simply converted to make it readible.

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