Configuration Options


Pressing the "Configuration" button on the main form will bring up the Configuration menu, allowing you to set-up particular ways that FIVEC behaves. All choices are saved (once you hit Ok) between sessions via the Microsoft .Settings interface.

To elaborate on the settings as follows:

Convert Strings from Shift-JIS - This enables all text previews as Shift-JIS. Some items (such as search, and disk comments) are not effected.

Show ToolTips - Turns the Tooltips that appear when you hover over interface items on or off

Allow padding of variable length sectors - Enable saving of disk images with variable sector lengths to formats that don't support such things, via padding the smallest sectors. There is no guarantee the resulting disk will function.

Warn if saving in incompatible format - Produce warnings during the save process if not all data can be properly ported to the new format.

Allow Batch Saving - Allows mass conversion of files via Drag-n-Drop.

Enable FAT Detection - It may be necessary to disable the FAT detect to prevent FIVEC from crashing on some disks. Quite a few of the FAT8 disks enjoyed doing illegal/corrupt things to the FAT tables as a method of copy protection. FIVEC attempts to ignore/fix these in general, but may be necessary if an unusual/corrupt disk is encountered.

Extract Deleted Files - Enable extracting FAT8 files where the file has been marked as deleted.

Header Options

Minimal - The comment section will be shrunk as small as allowed (or removed)

Copy Comments - Whatever comments existed on the original image will be copied over verbatim (provided space permits)

Log to Header - FIVEC will use the comment space to log the save operation, including any warnings

The generated header/comment log will look something like this:

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