Basic Functionality


Launching the EXE (no install is required) opens the program, which appears with the blank interface above. To open a file to process, click on the "Open File" button in the upper left, and then select the floppy image you want to open from the dialog. You can chose to view either a particular floppy image type only, or all supported images that FIVEC can read:

Current compatability with different floppy types (and other emulator and tool compatability) is shown on the table below:

It should be noted that the BKDSK format includes a wide variety of file extensions, including XDF, commonly used for X68000 floppy emulation.

Once an image has been loaded, the rest of the interface will be populated:

A general loading log (which varies by format) appears in the primary textbox. Among other things, if the floppy format supports comments, the file comment will be displayed:

The two right-hand listboxes will now be populated with a variety of items. The top box provides the interface to view a number of features/details of this particular disk:

The Save dialog is similarly populated. Compatable disk types are automatically selected and incompatable ones excluded:

To view the details in the upper listbox, select the item you wish to review, then press the button above it. The Save option/box works in the same manner.

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