Title: Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream
Zun Soft (Later "Team Shanghai Alice")

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Adult Content:
This game is the sequel to Story of Eastern Wonderland and the third Toho game. It introduces a lot of playable characters, and some of the mechanics that would feature in the later>games, for example, each heroine having their unique spell card, etc. You play in a "versus" mode where you shoot up enemies while sending special attacks against your foes. For the first 6 stages, it's almost> painfully easy, but the difficulty steps up significantly on the last 3 bosses, which is irritating, as you have limited continues, and have to restart if you die too often. Also detracting from the experience, the game has serious blinking/display issues when lots of bullets are on the screen, and your character is "stunned" and moves out of your control for a second or two after> being hit. In way of compensation, your hit box is extremely small.