Title: Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 3
Team Bloody Ninja

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Adult Content:
Nudity (Censored)
The trilogy finally comes to close, and mixes things up a bit. This time, the American flag ninja gets kidnapped by agents of the remaining evil counsel, and you have to fist-fight a bunch of beefy dudes to get him back. You do get a to chose categories in your quiz questions, though. Once you've rescued him, you play as him as you battle through the enemy base, which is defended by his favorite opponents... anime girls. This time, you get the disrobed picture on beating them... which takes a while, as they have pretty huge health bars. This game was originally included on the DiscStation DS98 #20 collection, and was dumped to individual disks by BabaJeanmel on the FMV Forums