Title: Holidays in the Sun

Compressed Size: 2.52 MB
Image Format: 3 FDI files
Game Type:

Adult Content:
Well, it's proof that if practice doesn't make perfect, it does at least make playable. The credits list this game as Bolze's 15th game, and it's the first one that I've seen that I actually like. You play a pig-tailed girl trying to lose her virginity over the summer holiday. The story is more of a graphic novel, but you make choices are certain points, either to be "passive" or "active," which causes the story to branch to one of several different endings. Graphics are hand-drawn, but look much better than Bolze's previous games.

Note: The disk change on this one is kind of odd. Disk C replaces Disk A when prompted for and vice versa, Disk B stays in the 2nd drive for the whole game.