Card Battle

Head-to-head competition with another player (or CPU) where actions in combat are represented as cards.

Active Girls Tournament: Vintage
Battle Skin Panic 9821
Black Bird
Card Force
Chotto H na Card Game
Doki Doki Card League
Fainting in Anguish Fighter
Kakutou Musume
Legend of the Galactic Playboy - Tobackka
Night Seep
Pretty Sentai Kyarurun
Ray Cards
Rhyme Star
Sasami no "Tenchi" Dasshu Daisakusen!!
Sucharaka Junior High School
Wrestle Angel
Wrestle Angel 2: Top Iventer
Wrestle Angel 3
Wrestle Angel Special
Wrestle Angel V1
Wrestle Angel V2
Wrestle Angel V3
Xalx Quest 98