Any game involving cards or representations of cards, including ones based off of physical card games, and ones that just use cards as concepts and a visual medium.

Ace of Spades
Active Girls Tournament: Vintage
Battle Skin Panic 9821
Card Force
Chotto H na Card Game
Chotto H na Daihinmin
Dai Hinmin - Taiketsu Seifuku Musume
Doki Doki Card League
Fainting in Anguish Fighter
Fervent Nereid
Fervent Nereid REMIX
G Fight
Hana to Chiruran
Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango 2
Hanafuda De PON!
Injyu Genma
It's Time Up!
Kakutou Musume
Legend of the Galactic Playboy - Tobackka
Lemon Angel
Multimillionaire School
Night Seep
Oh! Tsukiaitai!
Ojousama Club
Peach Card
PokaPoka Poker
Premature Damsel: Fervent Nereid 2
Pretty Sentai Kyarurun
Queen's Club
Ray Cards
Royal Jack
Sasami no "Tenchi" Dasshu Daisakusen!!
Solitaire Royal
Star Platinum
Sucharaka Junior High School
Super 7 Up '94
Super Multimillionaire School
Taisen Hanafuda
The Queen of Tenshindo '95
The World of Monster Maker
Trouble Cash
Trump Blackjack
Wrestle Angel
Wrestle Angel 2: Top Iventer
Wrestle Angel Special