Title: Gaiflame

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This is a neat looking sci-fi strategy game, where you fight with mecha, tanks, hovercraft, and assorted other vehicles in a turn-based, hex grid. You start the game by selecting your forces, assigning them to their different divisions, and then starting the battle. The controls are a little unusual... you use Enter to select units, Arrow keys (with Numlock On) to navigate menues and move the unit once you've selected it. Z brings up a world map, and F12 selects the next unit in your list (or allows you eventually to end the turn.)

The movement system is a little clunky, given that you're using arrow keys to move on hex grid, and there's no proposed pathing... all movement is one space, whatever you just specified. Also, the AI takes a very long time to move their units, and there's generally a lot of them.