Title: Dungeon Buster: Ex-Plores

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Cyberpunk Setting

Adult Content:
This game was originally one of the later (and best) games for the PC-8801, and has been ported to the PC-98. There was a sequel to this game as well. You play one of four classes, making your way through an evil castle and fighting four elemental bosses. Both the boss characters and your character lose clothing as they are injured. The combat system is very simple, and gets very tedious as the game goes on. It's quite easy if you play the thief, as her armor increases so dramatically as she levels that little in the late game has any chance to injure her. The PC-8801 rip of this game in the TOSEC archives is missing the later disks. This version appears to be complete, and might be your only way to play the game in it's entirety.