Title: The Black Onyx
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This is a rather old RPG translated by LordKarnov42. To quote his summary of the game: "The Black Onyx is generally considered to be one of the first Japanese RPGs, alongside Koei's Dungeon and Nihon Falcom's Paorama-tou and Dragon Slayer. Released in 1984, it predates The Bard's Tale by about a year, which as far as I know makes it the first FPRPG that has a non-menu-based city that you explore. You start out in said city, create your characters [up to five], choose a crude [but awesome] sprite representation of your characters, go equip them, and delve into the dungeons beneath the city in search of the Black Onyx." This game appears to have graphics problems under Virtual98, so you may want to run it in Neko Project 2.

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